WOW!  So there is a lot more to blogging than I thought…

So I have decided to start a blog for several different reasons.  First and foremost, simply to get things off my mind.  Second to work on comunicating my thoughts and feelings.  Which is kinda ironic because chances are i will probably not tell anyone i know that i have a blog…  Also just a fair warning to anyone who may happen to stumble across this I am by NO means a writer.  I failed English 101 my freshman year of college…first class that i have ever failed in my life…even more irony is that I typically got A’s or B’s in English all throughout High School.  I write how i talk…and i talk how i think…and my thoughts tend to be random and jump around.  So if that’s not your style you should probably stop here.   

At this point in my life i am not sure of anything…except death, taxes, and my love for my dog.  I grew up in a small town for my entire life.  I decided to go to a local college because i knew my parents didn’t have a lot of money and i didn’t want a ton of loans…considering i didn’t and still don’t know what i want to “be” and/or do with my life.  I did get lucky and I work for a good company and have been employed with them for  the last 7 years.  Which that in itself is a huge accomplishment for me, i have a “2 year” itch according to my mom…which turns out she might be right.  What it comes down too is I work my ass off, I learn everything there is to know about my job and then i get bored.  That takes about 1-2 years before i get to the point where i HAVE to get a different job before i go crazy.  This company i work for allows me to change departments, so that has been nice.  But right now i am at the point that i don’t know what comes next.  I want a change, i want to do something that i love…but i don’t know what i love.  I have so many interests that it is hard to narrow down, so i stick to what i know im good at.  my interests often only last for a few weeks…which will be interesting to see how this blog works out for me.  Im betting i forget about it or come up with some excuse as to why i can’t sit and write.  man, that’s a bad attitude to have…i need to improve on this for sure.  I like to consider myself an optimistic person, but i find that when i have lots of stress in my life i tend to be more on the realistic/pesimistic border. 

So far this is a pretty lame blog…not that i really know what a good blog is, but i just feel like this is lame.

well i have more to say, but im thinking im gonna stop for tonight.  i have to attempt to get some sleep…big visit tomorrow at work so i got to be on my toes. 

peace love and bengals!


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